Hazzan Daniel Lasry

The rabbis whose portraits appear in this mosaic are all past or present Montreal rabbis. They have been chosen to give a sense of the diversity present in Montreal's Jewish community. As of September 2019, the following rabbis have been interviewed: Rabbis Adam Scheier of the Shaar Hashomayim, Reuben Poupko of Beth Israel Beth Aaron,  Lisa Grushcow of Temple Emanu-el Beth Sholom, Schachar Orenstein of the Montreal Open Shul and Jacob Lévy of Beth Rambam. The Haredi rabbis Binyomin Weiss and David Sabbah were also interviewed and have been give a separate place in the mosaic, at their request.

So far, the interviews of  with Rabbi Scheier and Rabbi Poupko have been processed for this site. The other interviews listed above will be processed and added to the site as further funding permits.