What is a video-biography for and who is it for?


A video-biography can be a way to honour an important person in your community, by telling the story of their life. It can be a way for parents to share their life stories with their children and grandchildren, things they may have intended to write or tell but never found the time to actually do. These “life stories” could include important political or personal events, stories about friends and mentors, challenges encountered, lessons learned, places lived, etc.


A video-biography can also offer an opportunity to step back at an important life transition, for example when considering retirement or just after retirement. Taking quality time for a life-review can be a wonderful way to appreciate where we have come from, the influences that have shaped us and the values that have informed our choices. This in turn can lead to insights about the way forward.


So, video-biographies are for anyone who would like professional help in deciding what to tell, in planning and taking time to remember and reflect, and in presenting the results in a professional and attractive way that can be shared with friends, family or community.