But isn't it too personal?


A life story IS very personal and each one is unique. As well, every person's life, even the most public of individuals, has its private side. The joy of working with an oral historian is that you know your privacy will be respected and protected. This is part of the ethics of the profession and part of the skill of the professional.


If you know there are topics you do not want to address, you can share this information at the outset. Or, we will negotiate more complex territory together, finding the right moment and the right way to talk about deaths or other difficult passages that are important and meaningful, though not easy. On the other hand, sometimes in the flow of an engaged and engaging conversation we say things that we decide upon reflection that we do not want to share more widely. If this happens, rest assured that you have complete control. You will see a draft copy of whatever product you have chosen and will have the opportunity to say if there are elements you prefer to have edited out. Your life, your story, you choose!