How much does it cost?


Small projects

A fun way to get started can be to narrate five photos as a "talking slide show". You can do this on your own via the excellent website at Legacy Stories. Or, if you like, I can come and do it with you, for $100.

Other small projects in the $100-to-$300 range might be to tell the story of a favorite object, how it came into your life, what it means to you. Or a beloved parent, grandparent or mentor. These short video-recorded stories can give you a taste of what it's like to work with a professional oral historian. They might become the start of something larger or else remain as standalone vignettes to share for a special occasion or as part of your memoirs. Why not give it a try?


Video-biography/Life story projects

These range from about $2500 to $5000 for a life story website or DVD set, depending on number or sessions and options chosen. The process of taking quality time to step back and engage in the review of a life, the values that have animated it, the roots it is nourished by, its challenges, pivotal points and memorable moments is a beautiful and worthwhile thing. If you are interested for yourself, a parent or family member, colleague or friend, contact me so we can discuss the process.


Other oral history projects

Options include documenting your church, mosque or synagogue community, a special class reunion or even book club or professional association. There is a wealth of exciting possibilities based on your particular circumstances and desires. Let's talk about them!